Table of 2 | 2 Table

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Table of 2 or 2 Table is provided below to help students in the fast calculation. Table 2 is multiple of 2. Table 2 is the base of many tables. Many people use Table 2 to learn other tables. It contains all the even numbers and does not contain any odd number. If we notice we can find that it is the counting of alternate numbers.

My favorite table was Table 2 in 2nd standard but now I have to focus on all the tables for fast calculation. The great mathematician John Bald has provided the best and easy techniques to learn 2 times table. everyone has to follow his practice to support their children with a table of 2. You can also use worksheets and multiple games for practice and it will be fun for your children. They will enjoy learning and this leads to fast learning also.

Table of 2

Download 2 Table or Table of 2 in Printable form from here

2 Times Table | Table of 2


Here we are presenting you step by step learning of 2 times table.

Steps to learn Table of 2 or 2 Table

Step 1: Pay close attention how you pronounce these multiplications

It’s quite important, how you pronounce the multiplications. To be focused on recitation makes counting easy and fun. While practicing with your child you can either choose “One two is two, two twos are four, three twos are six, four twos are eight”, etc., or “Two ones are two, two twos are four, two threes are six, two fours are eight” as a starting point. if your child practice in school and tuition, let his mentor know what recitation he is following so that the possibilities of mixing the times table can be ignored.

Step 2: Divide it in parts to learn faster

In starting, take the table upto 2×5 and practice it until it will be fluent and accurate.

Children often go wrong on 2×3, go back to 2×2 until it would be fluent and correct. Follow the citation that schools used to teach the children. Don’t be so quick in learning. Keep patience and practice well. It said that co-ordination is much important than learning maths. Yes co-ordination takes time but provide your child always better each time. its not an issue they take long time in learning.

To make it easy for your child take 2p pieces as math aids and say them to count with the help of tables. When they finish the table with the coins ask them to practice without the coins. Ask your child to write down the table what he or she learnt. When your child is able to answer 5×2, 4×2 and so on without any hitches, the learning of your child of table of 2 has been completed. Now teach your child about odd and even numbers. Teach them that 2 is even number and every number in 2 Table is even.

Step 3: Call Out Individual Items from the table

The next step is to “Call Out Individual Items from the table” 5×2, 8×2, 11×2 If they are able to give an answer without any hitches; all good praise them but if they aren’t, go back in the table one or two before the error. For Example

You: Five Twos?
Child: Twelve.
You: what are Four twos?
Child: Eight.
You: So what is Five Twos are?

If necessary you can go four to five numbers back in the table. Remember always go back from error that is know and start from there.

Step 4: Help your Child with the Pictorial Representation

It is said that images are worth a thousand words and what we see, we can remember it for a long time. So it is the best way to teach your child with the help of pictorial representation.

2 Table-table-of-2
2 Table Pictorial Representation

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We hope that 2 Table or Table of 2 has provided you valuable information for which you were looking for on this page. We have shown different attractive images of table 2 to help you understand it better.

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