MPTAAS (आदिम जाति कल्याण विभाग) – Portal, Scholarship, Eligibility, Application, and More

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MPTAAS Portal is used for filling up the application and MPTAAS scholarship online. Madhya Pradesh Tribal Affairs Automation System (आदिम जाति कल्याण विभाग) provides opportunity to financially weak students.

The students belonging from a backward class who wants to peruse higher education in Madhya Pradesh can apply for the scholarship with this portal online.

Only cast categories like SC/ST who live in the state of Madhya Pradesh can apply for this scholarship. In this article, we will cover every aspect of applying for the MPTAAS Scholarship:

Who can Apply for MPTAAS Scholarship?

ProviderTribal Welfare Department
StateMadhya Pradesh
Application ProcessOnline
ForSC, ST Students of Madhya Pradesh
Official Website
Mptaas Portal

MPTAAS Scholarship is for the scheduled cast and scheduled tribe students of the state. Since ancient times we have seen that fewer opportunities were provided to SC, ST students. To encourage education for all policy, the government has taken this great initiative. With this scheme, the opportunity for equal education is open to all. Now if you belong to the backward category and you are financially weak, you can apply for this scholarship.

Courtesy: MPTAAS

The purpose of this MPTAAS Scholarship is the equality of opportunity for the people who belong to backward, reserved class. The financial help provided in this scheme can be of different amounts. This amount is determined by the various courses structure. You will only get this scholarship if you are selected in this full process.

MPTAAS (आदिम जाति कल्याण विभाग) Eligibility Criteria

If you are willing to get benefits of this scholarship scheme, then you have go qualify some of the eligibility requirements. Many people starts filling up the application form without knowing about the eligibility criteria and this results in rejection from authorities.

We are mentioning some of the most important eligibility criteria for MPTAAS Scholarship here as follows:

  • Candidates and applicants who belong to the backward categories like scheduled cast and scheduled tribes can get benefited from this scholarship.
  • This scholarship is only for those candidates who want to continue their career growth only related to the medical, science, or engineering field.
  • It is only for the students of class 11th, 12th and for college and Ph.D. students also.
  • The parents of applying candidates should not be doing any kind of government job.
  • The candidate should be a proper resident of Madhya Pradesh state in India.
  • The annual family income of the applying aspirants should not be more than 6 Lakh INR/Annum.

MPTAAS Registration Online

Now, since you already know the eligibility conditions for this. Let’s talk about the MPTAAS Registration online process. You can only apply for the registration process, if you fall into all the mandatory eligibility criteria as explained above. Do remember that the Registration process is completely online from starting to end. You don’t have to do anything offline in this full process.

Follow the detailed guide below which will help you to apply for the registration online.

MPTAAS Registration in English
MPTAAS Registration In English
MPTAAS Registration in Hindi
Mptaas Registration in Hindi
  • Go to the Official Website of MPTAAS. Create a New Account there by clicking on the “New Beneficiary Profile Registration” Link.
  • Once your account is created with the sign up process. You have to make login in the portal with your credentials.
  • Now Fill all the required information very carefully in the online portal.
  • Once, you are done with all the details, you can submit the form.

MPTAAS Beneficiary Registration Process

To register as a beneficiary in the portal, you have to visit from the browser. A screen like the below picture will appear there.

MPTAAS Beneficiary Registration
Pic Credit: Screenshot from
MPTAAS Beneficiary Registration Portal

Get ready with the following details when you are about to fill the beneficiary registration form:

  • Your Personal Details like First Name, Last Name, DOB, Father name, Mother name, Gender, contact Number, Your Address, Marital Status, Caste Confirmation Certificate issued by the state authority, Caste Certificate Number, Educational Certificates.
  • Identity and Address Proof
  • Income Declaration
  • Native Person Declaration
  • Your Photograph
Courtesy: MPTAAS Tribal MP

Documents Requirement for the Registraton

With all the details mentioned above, you will need some documents also for the verification purpose of the details provided by you. These essential documents, will be uploaded in the portal. You can get a scanned copy of these documents saved in your computer, before filing the registration form online. The documents required for the registration process are as follows:

  1. Educational certificate of the most recent qualification
  2. Caste Certificate verified by any authority
  3. Aadhar Card as Identity proof including you and your parents
  4. Transfer Certificate
  5. Income declaration certificate
  6. Passbook of the bank account
  7. Domicile Certificate verified by authority
  8. Pan Card of Parents

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MPTAAS Scholarship Grants

As we all know this scholarship provides the financial support to the needful students for pursuing their education further. The amount which is granted in this Scholarship varies according to the educational goals. Here is the detailed description of the actual amount which will be granted to the selected candidates of this scholarship program.

Group I
Medical, Engineering, Graduate, Post Graduate, PhD, Management, M.Phil, etc
1500 INR550 INR
Group II
Degree/ Post Graduate (excluding the Business Related Courses) like Nursing, LLB, B Nursing, etc
820 INR530 INR
Group III
Graduation Courses excluding the ones which are in Group 01 and 02 like BA, BSc, B.Work, etc
570 INR300 INR
Group IV
Class 11th and 12th
380 INR230 INR

How you can get Scholarship Money?

While applying for the registration process of MPTAAS, candidates are asked about their personal Bank Details. The Scholarship amount alloted to them as per their falling criteria, gets transferred into their own bank accounts by MPTAAS.

This amount transfer process can take time as every detail is verified before the distribution of scholarship. Once you complete the registration process, your application form goes for verification. If everything is correct and authentic, your amount granted for the scholarship is initiated by the Madhya Pradesh Tribal Department.

The best part of this scholarship is that you are provided the date and time of the amount transfer soon after the registration process.


KYC is another verification module for this process. The complete KYC module of this process is online via e-KYC. In order to verify your credentials , you have to complete the e-KYC process online. This e-KYC process is mandatory for all, to start the transfer of the granted amount. The candidate can complete this by providing the aadhar number and the OTP on the associated mobile number. The second method to complete the verification process is bio-metric verification.

Steps for e-KYC

MPTASS Scholarship e-kyc Process

The concept of e-KYC process is to verify you with the otp associated with the mobile number connected to your Aadhar card. Once you complete this process, you will get all the infomation with SMS on your mobile from the administration of Tribal Association. Follow these steps to complete the KYC for MPTAAS:

  1. Go to the official website portal 2 of MPTAAS
  2. You have to provide your registration number
  3. Now Enter Your Application ID Number
  4. For confirmation, Re-enter the above details
  5. Provide your Date of Birth in the mentioned Format.
  6. Complete the Captcha code verification step which is for verifying that form is filled by a human.
  7. Once you complete the above mentioned steps, Complete the KYC by submitting the form.

Benefits of Education Portal MPTAAS

Once your registration process is complete and verified, you can take all the benefits offered by the Education Portal. Here we are providing the list of benefits of the Education Portal of MPTAAS:

  • A highly secure versatile Scholarship Management System
  • Textbook and educational Material destribution management system
  • Students with special requirements can avail the Identification, Support Ticket, Tracking of the Ticket and Management via CWSN
  • super 100 Plan Management
  • Free of cost Uniform Distribution management system
  • Free Cycle vehicle distribution management system
  • Additional Incentive for the Talented Students

As we all know that is the official website issued by the Madhya Pradesh Tribal Affairs Automation System. This can be utilized for checking of the eligibility criteria in detail. You will also find details like Application process, enrollment, academics etc. over there.

MPTAAS (आदिम जाति कल्याण विभाग) App

Due to full online process and a good versatile system, there is full transparency in the Scholarship. The have made a fully online process and web application for the ease of the students. This web portal provides you all kind of facilities and information. Along with this they have also launched their MPTAAS App on mobile. This mobile app can be used for the registration, verification, document upload and benefits information.

The app provides information for various government schemes also. All the candidates who meet the eligibility criteria, can utilize this app. We are listing the benefits of MPTAAS App in general as follows:

  • Online Registration
  • OTP verification
  • Income Declaration
  • Upload of Identity Proof
  • Samagra Family Member ID and individual ID Number
  • Digital Caste Number and certification
  • Digital Domicile Certification

Google Play Store Link of the App: MPTAAS App


You can download the app from the above mentioned link. You just need a mobile and a gmail id registered on google play store to download the app. Once you are done with the downloading, you can register on the app.

After completing the registration process, you have to apply for the e-kyc verification from the app. Once your information and details are verified, you can upload the required information like caste certificates, income declaration etc. MPTAAS App also provides the information about these mentioned schemes as well:

  • Post Metric Scholarship: This is specially for the Scheduled Tribes category students who are pursuing their Higher Education.
  • Pratibha Yojana: This scheme is basically for students who are preparing for the exams like NDA, IIT-JEE, NEET, etc. And they have cleared the exams and got admission successfully in the related IIT, NLU, AIIMS, NIT, NDA, medical graduation colleges in the Madhya Pradesh.

If you want to apply for these government related MPTAAS scholarships, you can easily do it from the app or the web portal. Before applying to these, make sure you fall into the eligibility criteria provided by the MPTAAS.


What is MPTAAS?

MPTAAS is Madhya Pradesh Tribal Affairs Automation System (आदिम जाति कल्याण विभाग) which works for the educational financial support for the backward Category of Madhya Pradesh.

What is the use of the MPTAAS Education portal?

This portal can be used for finding the relevant information related to various Schemes. You can also use this portal to get updates related to your registered scholarship program.

Who operates the MPTAAS scholarship?

This scholarship is offered by Tribal Welfare Department of the Madhya Pradesh State in India. It operates for providing financial support to the unprivileged category students in pursuing their education.

Is MPTAAS open only for the SC/ ST candidates?

Yes, offered scholarship is only for the candidates who belongs to SC and ST category and are financially not strong.

Can I apply offline for this scholarship?

No, You can not apply for this scholarship with the offline medium. The Government has made a web portal and Mobile app which is the only way to apply for the registration of this scholarship.

If Income Certificate is necessary for this Scholarship?

Yes, Since this scholarship is only for the people with annual family income of less than 6 Lakh INR. So providing Income certificate is necessary for this scholarship.

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